kayla rae-rinne lawlor
Sterling Silver, Laser Etched Black Acrylic, Paint, Crayon, Glass
The Victim actually has two pieces of jewelry that goes with it. The main piece is a necklace with three double-sided pendants in the front and one double sided pendant in the back. All of the pendants are black acrylics that have been laser etched, with white crayon and white paint to accent the etchings. The three front ones have a general outline of a person’s head and torso, with stab wounds in various locations on the neck and chest. Just as in the story, “The bodies discovered almost every morning in the streets or within houses all bore the same death wound: a dagger thrust to the heart which, according to the doctors, must have killed so quickly and surely that the victim, incapable of making a sound, must have dropped to the ground at once” (Hoffmann, 26). On the reverse, are details of each victim; where they were found, stabbed, and what is missing. I have assigned each victim a different piece of jewelry that is missing on the body when their families identify them. At the same time, the audience discovers that pieces of jewelry are found at the scene of the crime; a cameo, a loose sapphire, and loose pearls. The back pendant is a bull’s eye that hangs half way down the back. This effectively makes the wearer the next “target” on the murderer’s list. The second piece that the Victim wears is a very large and ostentatious engagement ring. This ring would catch anyone’s eye, especially the murderer.
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